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The members of the Maple Park and Countryside FPD pledge to the citizens of the Fire District and to those that travel through our District, to the best of our ability, to provide pre-hospital care, fire suppression, emergency health care and rescue and extrication when called upon.

We will also strive to provide to any District or Department that may call for assistance in fire suppression, emergency health care and rescue/extrication operations, with any manpower, equipment and moral support, when and wherever needed.

We will continue to train to keep our skills and equipment up to the latest standards and to teach fire prevention to all the citizens of our community, especially to the children at every opportunity.



The Maple Park and Countryside FPD consists of the Village of Maple Park, part of the Village of Virgil, and the surrounding countryside of both areas. The district stretches from as far as Chase Rd. and IL 38 to the West, Ramm Rd. and County Line to the North, Meredith Rd. and IL 38 to the East, and Perry Rd. and County Line to the South.

The district is home to over 4500 people in a rural setting. Although our population is small, we have a diverse protection area. Our district contains large grain elevators, multiple nurseries with expansive retention ponds, multiple subdivisions, some small businesses, and extensive amounts of farmland. A large clay racetrack also resides within our district, rounding out our very distinct area.

As a result, many of our members are cross-trained in Fire and EMS and also have many different certifications, spanning from Haz-Mat to Ice Rescue to Vehicle Machinery Operations. We offer a cadet program for High School students ages 16-18 that allows an insight into the fire service. Many of our cadets continue on with our department and expand their education into advanced Fire and EMS.







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